Ethically Sourced

We have done our best to clarify and simplify what it means to be ethically sourced - we define it as a product or process that is in balance with the world and produced with best intentions.

The list of things to be considered is vast and complex: the ecology affected by the sourcing of the materials, the life cycle, the waste process, and of course the complicated lives and needs of those people who produce the items.

In order to navigate this world - we and our manufacturing partners have a list of questions that we work through at every stage of production:

  • What are the working conditions like? Is it clean? Well lit? Does it appear to be a place that cares about the environment and its people?
  • How are the workers treated? What are their hours? Are they cared for as if they were valuable, as if their personal health and safety are a concern to the company?
  • Are the workers paid a living wage? Is healthcare available? What about holidays and paid time off?
  • What is the supply chain? Do the decision makers care about where the raw materials come from? Do they care about the environmental impact?
  • How is their customer service? Do they support their product? Do they receive repeat customers?

We are lucky enough to have found an amazing manufacturing partner that share these values, and are just as committed as us to maintaining the integrity of the brand, the production process and the people involved (they have also been fantastic in supporting our vision for each and every product from a design and fit point of view). 

Donate with us

In line with our brand pillars:

  • The Power of Community
  • Female Empowerment
  • Innovation & Creativity
  • Sustainability

We have selected nonprofit organisations, that we are choosing to support on an ongoing basis. We have focussed on Australian organisations locally, with the view to increase our support and impact globally in the near future.

The organisations we are currently supporting with $2 from every order are:

You can select an organisation to support with your purchase at check out. 

    If you have any further questions, or suggestions for how we might operate in a more sustainable, ethical fashion, please reach out to us via email at